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Awards galore for PLBR

Publicis Life Brands Resolute had a successful night last night, winning awards at both The Creative Floor and Communiqué award ceremonies.The advertising team hauled away 4 awards at Creative Floor awards.

The “toughest creative award show in the world” met its match with winning entries ‘This is Stroke – Boehringer Ingelheim’, ‘Learn to Speak Dog – Merial’ and ‘Inspiring Change – Novartis’. Neill Rogers, Creative Director, was very pleased with this year’s accolades. “It’s always nice for your work to be recognised, especially with so many members of the team contributing.”

Meanwhile, the PR and medical education team won the Judges’ Special Award for Innovation for their programme Surgical Excellence in Practical Training for Takeda at Communiqué, the UK’s flagship award programme for healthcare commununications.

“To have won the Judges Special Award for Innovation, which is selected from all entries submitted across the full list of categories, is a massive achievement! Innovation lies at the heart of everything we do and we are delighted to receive this award.” said Victoria Wright, General Manager, Medical Education and PR.This run of award winning work follows Publicis Life Brands Resolute’s previous success at Cannes Health last month.

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