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Culture Club Special – Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World

By Georgina Chan, Account Manager

Earlier this month, a few of us were lucky enough to go check out the Fear and Love exhibition at the Design Museum, as part of our regular Culture Club adventures.

It was a Thursday afternoon, and we left the office just a little bit earlier than usual to make sure we had enough time to appreciate the exhibition – and it was totally worth it. The Design Museum is just down the road, and upon arrival we were greeted by the exhibition sign, made up of neon tubes flashing the words ‘Fear’ and ‘Love’ in interchangeable fashion – simple but still able to effectively capture the essence of our love-hate relationship with some of society’s issues today.

The exhibition consists of 11 installations, exploring topics from Brexit, to robotic technologies, to environmental challenges. Each of them cleverly demonstrates what we fear the most, and yet love the most at the same time. One installation I found particularly interesting was the ‘meet-and-greet’ robot. With a special sensor embedded on its ‘forehead’, it’s able to spot any strangers walking past. And if it finds you interesting, it’ll chase you around to interact in the hope of finding out more about you. I took a video, you can view it by clicking on the screenshot below using Google Chrome (or for a more professionally made video, click here):

With movies about artificial intelligence flooding the cinema, it’s actually not far from reality that in the near future the use of robotic technology in our everyday lives will be dramatically increased. It’s inevitable, and we need this shift for our economy to grow – so theoretically we should all be loving this change, but yet there’s a part of us that will always fear the unknown, even just for a little bit.

It’s such an interesting exhibition. If you’d like to find out more, visit here.

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