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Never say never, but occasionally say CANNT

By Mithi Ahmed, Account Executive


What do you do when there’s a festival in Cannes celebrating the best in creative marketing, PR, communications and entertainment but you can’t be there? You host your own version of the festival, of course! The CANNT festival, for those of us who CANNT be there… Luckily here in London the weather was just as good as it was in Cannes and the team was out in full force to enjoy French-themed treats.

The Cannes Lions Awards take place every June and are made up of four categories – Cannes Lions, Lions Innovation, Lions Health and Lions Entertainment. Over the week we watched with baited breath to see who would be the winners, while also picking our favourites from the entries. At the end of the week, we rounded off the festival as any festival should be rounded off – with more cocktails and lots of healthy debate!

As a newbie to the Resolute team, it was a great opportunity for me to feast my eyes on the world of advertising and communications from the comfort of my shiny new desk. Here are a few entries that caught my eye…

The biggest winner at the festival, as well as for me, was ‘Immunity Charm’ by McCann Health & the Afghan Ministry of Public Health. This amazingly simple yet life-changing campaign brought an old Afghan tradition into the modern age by transforming a thread bracelet worn by children to ward off evil spirits into a vaccine-tracking charm bracelet. The bracelet allows doctors to track a child’s immunisations by adding a charm for each vaccine they had received. The campaign has already had a huge positive impact and has the potential to be used nationwide in Afghanistan. This could change the lives of many Afghan children and their mothers in a country where tracking health records and patient adherence is a major problem. It’s no surprise that the campaign made huge waves over the festival, winning the Grand Prix for Good  (the highest accolade at the awards) as well as four Gold and four Silvers Lions in the Pharmaceuticals category.

Another favourite was the Canadian Down Syndrome Society’s ‘Down Syndrome Answers’. This one really put a smile on my face! The society took the most-asked questions about Down syndrome from Google and got the experts to answer them – the experts being those living with the condition. The answers elicit laughter, surprise and some heart-string-tugging as well, so naturally the campaign won itself a Gold Lion in the Health & Wellness category as well as a Silver Lion in the Cyber, Media and Direct categories.

A few other winners worthy of note include ‘Meet Graham’ by the Transport Accident Commission of Victoria, Australia, ‘VR Vaccine’ by Hermes Pardini and ‘Know You Again’ by Baidu.

Though these were my personal favourites, this small list only skims over the immense talent and creativity that was on display during the festival. So if you fancy hearing more and getting a big dose of inspiration, it’s well worth heading over to the Cannes Lions website where you can pick your own winners (

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