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Bubble bubble toil and trouble, Publicis Health did certainly chuckle…

By Vee Ragunathan, Account Executive

I wanted to start this blog post with ‘A biologist, a historian and a writer…’ but sadly, it was six biologists that walked into the depths of the Star of Kings on Wednesday night to have our funny bones tickled at the Science Showoff. This was sold as your ‘not-so-standard’, stand-up comedy because it was by scientists for scientists. And boy did these scientists stand up!

We had descended to the basement of this rather delightful pub to be greeted by the not-so-subtle smell of bleach which made us wonder, ‘What had been killed here so recently?’ Jokes? We had lowered our expectations drastically. Once we had settled and ordered our ‘scran’ (as Joe so elegantly put it) the show began. Having sat a comfortable distance from the front row, we thought we were safe from inclusion into someone’s set (everybody’s standard fear when attending stand-up)*.

The show consisted of six wonderfully hilarious comedians who were scientists by trade, either in the process of completing or holding a PhD. Much to Brittany’s delight, the source of many breakdowns, the Western Blot had kicked off our first comedians’ set. We had a whole 15 minutes on how a PhD could turn any Hufflepuff into a Slytherin, which really got Cicely’s chuckle on, and I mean she started to sound a little like Basil Brush by the end of it. My highlight was by far the Zoologists’ depiction of creepy males in the animal kingdom ranging from no mates Nigel** to fish who don’t even bother asking***.

To say this evening was funny would be a huge understatement. It was exactly what you would need mid-week to help you get to Friday, and Vic made it for her train with one minute to spare. So, it’s safe to say everybody was a winner that night. If this sounds right up your street, the Science Showoff runs every week, and rightly so because a little dose of science and humour should be taken like vitamins.

* This false sense of safety quickly dissipated when our food arrived and Dimmy insisted the hot dog was not his hot dog. Then our dance began with the waiter, as we passed the food back and forth, for what felt like a century, from one end of the row to the other. This is how Publicis Health stole the show yet again… It’s safe to say everybody noticed and those who hadn’t, soon did! The host proceeded to use us as the butt of his entire set throughout the entire 3 hours, an experience from which I am pretty sure I will never quite recover.

** Nigel is a gannet who couldn’t take no for an answer from the cement bird friend left by conservationists in New Zealand to entice a population of gannets back to New Zealand.

***In the Anglerfish mating ritual, the male attaches to the female by biting her and fusing himself onto the females back, before reducing himself down to just his gonads.

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