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Who is your favourite explorer?

Have you heard that we recently rolled out an exciting new campaign called Meet The Explorers? It takes the form of an animation that delves into the minds of Publicis Resolute, and our sister agencies Publicis LifeBrands and Real Science.

This got us thinking about explorers (famous or not-so-famous, living or dead, real or imaginary), so we decided to ask a few people across the agency who their favourite explorer is, and why…


My favourite explorer is the WONDERFUL Sir David Attenborough. Some of my earliest memories are of me sitting in front of the television with my brother, watching Sir David report on the wonders of the world. I was always just amazed at how one person could be so knowledgeable. At 91, he is still exploring, with his communication style and content speaking to different generations effortlessly. He’s clearly just a fabulous, eloquent chap. – Victoria Stanley, Associate Director

It has to be Hermione Granger, who being a muggleborn, had to explore the Wizarding World. From facing adversity in the workplace (the Death Eaters taking over Hogwarts), to ensuring accuracy (it’s Wingardium LeviOHsa, not Wingardium LeviosAAh), all of us here at Resolute can learn a lot from her. Plus she slapped Draco Malfoy – something which we all wanted to do. – Cicely Proctor, Account Executive

My favourite explorer is Anna McNuff, she’s cycled 11,000 miles across America solo, became the first person to run the length of New Zealand (all 1,911 miles of it) and has pedaled her way across the Andes. Basically an all-round amazing human and real-life wonder woman. – Louise Powell, Senior Account Executive

My favourite explorer would have to be Marty McFly. While technically more of an adventurer, he explored new realms alongside Doc. After watching the movies, I became obsessed with the concept of changing time, and changing my destiny. And to be honest, Marty was probably my first crush ever, too. – Andrea Klinkenberg, Senior Account Executive

My favourite explorer is Lara Croft, mainly because she demonstrates that women can be badasses and adventurous. Just like her, I like to plait my hair and run around ruins. – Adèle Vaubourg, Senior Account Director

My favourite explorer is my cousin’s little baby, ‘Fat Bean’. She is eight-month-old now, and in the last couple of months she’s been eager to explore new things and her new found senses. She’d give everything a go without fear – last week she tried lemon for the first time and her reaction was priceless.  – Georgina Chan, Account Manager

My favorite explorer is Indiana Jones – because he is so culturally diverse and plus young Harrison Ford is very handsome. My favorite film of his is Temple of Doom and specifically the line ‘KALI MAAAAAAA, SHAKTI DEHHHHHHH’ (click here for the full experience). – Anika Gohil, Senior Account Executive

My favourite explorer is my cat Hugo – he’s always off exploring the depths of NW9 and getting up to unknown mischief. Undeterred by rain or snow, he’ll brave all climates. One time he got stuck in a garage, it was very traumatic – he was very brave though. – Emma Knott, Senior Account Director

To take a quote from our Business Unit Director, Ann Hughes, “We’re the agency that is always up for a new challenge, exploring new territories – whatever you throw at us, we’ve got it covered.” We are explorers. We are Resolute.



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