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A story without words

By Georgie Chan

Glittery slippers, a French café, and a fairy God ‘shiny boy’ (not Godmother) – Matthew Bourne’s latest ballet Cinderella rewrote the classic fairy tale, setting the scene in London during the Second World War.

Without a single tutu in sight, Cinderella is no traditional ballet. The dancers’ extra dramatic facial expressions and body language cleverly injected humour and complex emotions into the storyline, complementing the beautiful choreography. So potent that during one of the final scenes it almost brought me to tears (and the constant laughter from the lady sitting in front of me also proves a point).

Still enjoying the show while I replayed the scenes in my head on my way home, it reminded me that telling a story is much more than just saying a sequence of neatly put-together words. Cinderella did it without using a single one. Working in the comms world, it’s so easy to get lost in a sea of message maps and Q&A documents. Sometimes taking a break to see the ballet might just be the perfect way to get back to basics, and remember that non-verbal communications are as powerful as verbal ones.

About Cinderella

A thrilling and evocative love story. Matthew Bourne’s interpretation of the classic fairy tale is, at its heart, a true war-time romance. A chance meeting results in a magical night for Cinderella and her dashing young RAF pilot, together just long enough to fall in love before being parted by the horrors of the Blitz. For more information, click here.

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With the mission to expand the minds of our colleagues, our leadership team on the 5th floor of Baker Street launched the Culture Club. Through what seem to be activities that are completely unrelated to healthcare (including gin tasting sessions!), we hope these experiences will get everyone’s creative juices flowing and eventually help us produce great work that’s out of the box.

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