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Communiqué 2018: Resolute’s Top Picks

June’s Communiqué Awards celebrated top work in healthcare communications and some of our own fabulous Resoluters were there to cheer on the winning teams (and maybe enjoy a glass of wine or two). Here are some of our top picks from the 2018 winners, including the winner of the ‘Excellence in Communication Through Creative Execution’ category, sponsored by us!

Excellence in Communication Through Creative Execution: Ask For Clear
By Romina Fallah, Account Executive

Ask for Clear’ by Novartis aimed to encourage people with psoriasis to demand more from their dermatologists and aim for clear skin. The campaign saw patients voicing what clear skin would mean to them and what they would do with it. One patient said, “I can go swimming, worry-free with my kids”, another said she could do “what everybody else does without having to worry about it”. They also brought a group of patients together to learn how best to empower them to speak to their doctors. I felt this campaign had real depth – Havas Lynx and Novartis recognised that although clear skin is possible, it isn’t as simple as distributing that information; they also need to understand why sufferers are not actively seeking the treatment. One of the videos created for this campaign shows a man on a beach dancing with immense joy, completely freed of his psoriasis. It is this uplifting and entertaining creative execution that contributed to the 268,586 site visitors in six weeks and a 20% conversion rate for people returning to their dermatologist.

The successful focus on empowerment for the psoriasis patient is why this campaign has seen so much success. A very worthy winner!

Check out the video here!

Excellence in Public Health Communications: Small Talk Saves Lives
By Clement Senogles, Account Executive

Though common and debilitating, depression has historically been overlooked both by the public and by healthcare systems because of its intricate and misunderstood nature. Only in recent years have campaigns around mental health and suicide prevention been bolstered to (finally) address this elephant in the room.

The figures underpinning the impact of poor mental health (for example, one person in fifteen has made a suicide attempt at some point in their life) can make the issue appear overwhelming, to the degree that it is difficult to identify a point at which to start. In order to address such a pervasive, misunderstood condition, ‘Small Talk Saves Lives’ has taken the advice of the artist, Hans Hofmann, and ‘eliminated the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak’; the campaign breaks down a seemingly insurmountable issue by offering human instinct – the simplest of responses – as a valid and ground-breaking solution.

By highlighting the difference an individual can make through natural, friendly and welcoming behaviour, Samaritans have empowered the public with the confidence to see actionable change in contending the impact of afflictions of mental health on society.

Check out the brilliant campaign video here!

Excellence in Social Media Strategy: My Journey: Flight HIV101
By Emma Perry, Account Executive

Although advances in treatment mean that people with HIV are likely to live just as long as those without it, Gilead recognised a need to raise awareness of how HIV and its treatment can speed up the ageing process if patients don’t take care of themselves. The campaign aimed to empower people living with HIV to make the right choices, today, in order to improve the chances of living a healthy life in the future.

The campaign uses the analogy of flying ‘Flight HIV101’ to encourage people to be the pilot in their own health journey and speak to their doctor about the steps they can take to improving their long-term health.

Gilead chose to have a drag queen and gay rights activist, Panti Bliss, front the campaign, which makes it light-hearted and engaging, and creates shareable social media content. For me, this use of comedy to communicate the key messages effectively is both bold and memorable.

The use of Grindr as a promotional channel was also clever and innovative and demonstrates an understanding of the digital channels that will lead to the best response for the target audience. Indeed, the campaign produced some impressive results, reaching 5.4 million users through social media, with 710,000 views of the campaign video. The overall campaign led to 18% of the target population showing intent to improve their long-term health.

Check out the Flight video here!

Innovation in Healthcare Communications: Tabitha: The Think.Act.Breathe Asthma Chatbot

By Michaela Lagoudaki, Account Executive

Despite the fact that one in two people still experience asthma symptoms following treatment, research revealed that many patients are insufficiently informed or not motivated enough to act. Tabatha: The Think.Act.Breathe Asthma Chatbot by Boehringer Ingelheim, is a fresh, innovative tool that uses modern technology to fill the gap and inspire patients to take charge of their own health.

Tabitha is the first Facebook-based Artificial Intelligence Chatbot aiming to encourage people to seek professional health advice. But how do these Chatbots actually work?

In simple words, we are talking about computer programs or artificial intelligence able to conduct a conversation via auditory or textual methods. This is a brilliant approach to solving this common challenge for two reasons. Firstly, it’s a smart technological solution that was launched on a platform everyone is familiar with, and secondly, it was entirely designed to meet patient needs. Tabitha shows that creatively combining cutting-edge technology with modern social trends, can successfully address long-standing health issues.

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