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Show me the Monet!

By Anjali Rajah, Account Executive

A couple of lucky ducks from Publicis Health (including your favourite agency, Resolute!) had the chance to visit an exciting exhibition at the National Gallery – ‘Monet and Architecture’.

It was fantastic!

Actually, fantastic doesn’t quite cut it. According to the National Gallery, “There’s never been a single exhibition looking at Monet’s career though the buildings he painted.” With over 75 paintings spanning Monet’s travels across Europe, ‘Monet and Architecture’ boasts the UK’s largest collection of the artist’s work in almost two decades. We learnt that this is the FIRST UK exhibition composed solely of Monet’s paintings (which seems crazy!).

The paintings opened our eyes to the dexterity of Monet’s brush. With idyllic ease, we travelled through windswept hills, rolling mists, provincial villages, serene canals, grandiose buildings and lively crowds. True to impressionist form, the collection was lifelike and dreamlike all at once, capturing the imagination to the point where, were it not for the occasional security barrier, you could almost lean and sink into each painting.

Funnily enough, there were no barriers restricting access to a piece from one of Monet’s most recognizable series – The Water-Lily Pond. The significance of this painting had been drilled into me through many an art lesson back in the day, and it was a real treat to be able to get this close to it without fear of being kicked out by security. London (Resolute’s home!) featured quite prominently, with another personal highlight taking form through a series of paintings depicting parliament through fog and sunset.

Even without the accompanying exhibition guide, there was undoubtedly a hint of story behind each painting, prompting the viewer to place their own narrative upon the art; a form of comms, if you will. We left the National Gallery in complete awe, each with a little piece of magic to take home – courtesy of the gift shop.

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