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“All the World (at Regent’s Park’s) a Stage…”

On a balmy summer’s evening in central London, you would be hard pushed to find an activity that trumps a bit of Shakespeare at the open air theatre in Regent’s Park. As the sun set between the trees, Regent’s Park was transformed into the wondrous forest of Arden by a talented cast, catchy live music, and a unique set (with fairy lights aplenty).

Max Webster’s clever modern twist on As You Like It combined the distinctly Shakespearean soliloquies, puns and iambic pentameter that we know and love with a stage strewn with litter, actors filming each other on smart phones and even ‘flossing’ on the dance floor. The blend was practically seamless, and made the random London noises from overhead helicopters and police sirens seem as though they had been scripted.

The play certainly touches on themes that would have been way ahead of Shakespeare’s time, most notably gender identity and female empowerment. His creation of a female protagonist who more or less oversees the entire action of the play was captured perfectly by Olivia Vinall, whose performance was playful and light-hearted.

The four of us from 82 Baker Street who were lucky enough to snap up these tickets certainly had a fab evening, indulging our senses for a couple of hours in the twilight of Regent’s Park. I definitely recommend anyone to go to the next series – have a laugh, and remember to recycle your rubbish afterwards!

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With the mission to expand the minds of our colleagues, our leadership team on the 5th floor of Baker Street launched the Culture Club. Through what seem to be activities that are completely unrelated to healthcare (including gin tasting sessions!), we hope these experiences will get everyone’s creative juices flowing and eventually help us produce great work that’s out of the box.

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