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More than just a voice: The Amazon Hackathon

By Georgina Chan, Account Manager

Alexa. Just a voice you ask about the weather? It’s more than that.

On a chilled Thursday morning in October, we arrived at the Amazon HQ near Holborn to find out why this is, at the Alexa Hackathon.

This full-day event gathered all kinds of bright talent within Publicis Groupe in London. Creatives, strategists, account handlers…seeing people from all backgrounds and experiences coming together all in one room was amazing.

We were grouped into teams and each team was given a brand. The task was simple: integrate Alexa into the brand, and create a product that would help solve a problem of today.

There was no limit. Only creativity mattered.

The Kellogg team revived ‘the morning rush’ into fun family moments. The Shire team made patients’ lives easier by turning Alexa into a personal administration assistant, guiding patients to self-inject medication every step of the way. The Sky team reimagined connections and created a world of entertainment away from the TV… the list goes on.








Teams working to solve their big problems


And the coolest thing of course was having the chance to programme our own Alexa to fit our products! As tech savvy as I am (not), I left this important mission to the professionals.








My teammates figuring out how to programme Alexa


It was truly inspiring hearing everyone’s presentations. I realised if you take a moment (just a moment) and really look at the world around you, it’s not hard to notice that everything can be made better, especially in this technology-enabled era. It made me see how many of us still settle with “it’ll do” on a daily basis.

I’m sure this experience will make me think twice the next time I want to do something the same old way.

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