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Enhancing consultations

Our client had the most extensive portfolio of treatments in the field, but were a long way behind the leader in terms of market share. They wished to demonstrate leadership and scientific credentials in reforming current treatment practices and enhancing outcomes for patients.

We discovered that HCP-patient interactions are very transactional, with low rates of patient satisfaction and trust in HCPs. Consultations were often driven by patients seeking help with a ‘problem’, that can limit the course of treatment if the HCP is not confident enough to widen the discussion. We also discovered that there is no standardised way to systematically assess the patient and develop a treatment plan.

In collaboration with KOLs, we developed a five module educational programme providing basic & advanced instruction to HCPs on key condition aspects and treatment planning. We also developed guidance on how to handle a patient consultation, including identifying ‘red-flag’ patients.

A Train-the-Trainer programme will be rolled out at a live Global event supported by post-meeting best-practice guidance, sales materials, and patient consultation materials. HCPs are being encouraged to track the improvement in their practice following implementation of the educational programme by assessing the tangible benefits to patient retention, engagement and prescription rates.

Publicis Resolute

8 March 2018 |

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