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Raising standards of care

Our client was looking to forge new relationships with key European stakeholders following EU approval of a new indication, but were lacking a presence in the field.

We wanted to build their profile at the heart of communities as an active, committed and patient-centric collaborator.

We set out to empower & enable these communities to drive tangible changes in standards of care by working hand-in-hand with them to identify the gaps in care and design programmes with a tangible, compelling call to action.

We developed a framework of action points for raising standards of patient care, convened a multidisciplinary working group which included KOLs and two EU patient groups and ran a virtual summit meeting (using the online Huddle forum). Each expert group was given pre-assigned topics which enabled them to interact and share data over six months. This resulted in a patient centred care manuscript which was published in a peer-reviewed journal and formed the basis of an online CME module.

Publicis Resolute

8 March 2018 |

Publicis LifeBrands

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