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Reaching a diverse customer base

Our client wanted to reduce their spend on face-to-face education throughout the diverse EMEA & LATAM regions. Their company policies mandated more sustainable ways of working with target stakeholder groups.

The natural solution was to take it online, but our research showed that HCPs don’t watch many recorded lectures due to access issues and the burden of technology created fear, while local affiliates still really valued the opportunity to get groups of customers together face-to-face when possible.

Our solution was to schedule a series of three webinars, screened live from a studio in London, each repeated to cater for various global time zones. We created a single event management platform to connect everyone, whilst allowing the flexibility for local affiliates to organise group viewings, hospital meetings and one-to-ones. The webinar series reached an unprecedented breadth of customers in multiple regions. This set-up now serves as the primary platform for scientific exchange between the company and its customers.

Publicis Resolute

8 March 2018 |

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