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Bubble bubble toil and trouble, Publicis Health did certainly chuckle…

Publicis Resolute 16 February 2018 | Blog

By Vee Ragunathan, Account Executive I wanted to start this blog post with ‘A biologist, a historian and a writer…’ but sadly, it was six biologists that walked into the depths of the Star of Kings on Wednesday night to have our funny bones tickled at the Science Showoff. This was sold as your ‘not-so-standard’, […]

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Naked Mole Rats and Faecal Transplants: Resolute at New Scientist Live

Publicis Resolute 19 December 2017 | Blog

By Cicely Proctor, Account Executive Back in October, several Resoluters joined thousands of like-minded geeks who descended upon PALEXPO London for the New Scientist Live event. The event’s mainstage included talks from Margaret Atwood (The Handmaid’s Tale), Chris Packham (Spring/Autumnwatch) and the legendary astronaunt, Tim Peake (European Space Agency). Personal highlights from the team included […]

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The end of the GP waiting room? The basics of the NHS-Babylon collaboration

Publicis Resolute 24 November 2017 | Blog

By Sam Coldicutt, Account Executive This month sees the rollout of a trial service by the NHS: GP at hand. The service — formed in collaboration with digital health start-up Babylon — seeks to connect patients to doctors using video calls on smart phones, turning the traditional waiting room and appointment set up on its […]

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Culture club: A very secret soirée at the Juniper Manor

Publicis Resolute 17 November 2017 | Blog

by Nina Chhita, Associate Medical Writer There’s a very secret place in London kept under tight wraps called Juniper Manor. For August’s Culture Club, four lucky recipients across the fifth floor won tickets for ‘A Secret Soirée at Juniper Manor’. With little knowledge of what the night entailed, we headed to a top secret location […]

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Wisdom and wine: A night at the HCA’s speed networking event

Publicis Resolute 6 November 2017 | Blog

One of them had years of experience at the ABPI, lots of them had years of experience in the world’s best and brightest agencies, some of them had spent decades working inside pharma organisations, but what did they all have in common? Well, they were all generously spending their Thursday evening passing on their knowledge […]

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Never say never, but occasionally say CANNT

Publicis Resolute 29 June 2017 | Blog

By Mithi Ahmed, Account Executive   What do you do when there’s a festival in Cannes celebrating the best in creative marketing, PR, communications and entertainment but you can’t be there? You host your own version of the festival, of course! The CANNT festival, for those of us who CANNT be there… Luckily here in […]

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Preparation, pain and promise: mixing up reality in healthcare

Publicis Resolute 2 June 2017 | Blog

By Liz Mercer, Senior Account Manager   A room is full of surgeons, doctors and nurses, clustered around a patient. The mood is tense. They’ve been performing a particularly delicate procedure on the patient’s heart and things are going badly wrong. While the tension in the air is real, this time it isn’t a matter […]

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Culture Club Special – Fear and Love: Reactions to a Complex World

Publicis Resolute 28 April 2017 | Blog

By Georgina Chan, Account Manager Earlier this month, a few of us were lucky enough to go check out the Fear and Love exhibition at the Design Museum, as part of our regular Culture Club adventures. It was a Thursday afternoon, and we left the office just a little bit earlier than usual to make […]

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Culture Club – Our Night at the Ballet

Publicis Resolute 20 April 2017 | Blog

On Good Friday, Culture Club headed to the theatre to see Matthew Bourne’s critically acclaimed Red Shoes. Having just won the Olivier Award for Best Theatre Choreography, I couldn’t wait to see what dancing delights the show had in store for us. And it was easy to see why it had picked up the Olivier […]

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Culture Club – Hypnosis

Publicis Resolute 10 April 2017 | Blog

By Nick Greenaway, Senior Account Executive, Publicis Resolute   Picture the scene. Sufficiently sauced, with a fair amount of adrenalin traversing your body and a renowned hypnotist’s charismatic voice in your ear, you find to your surprise that your arms are rising above your head on their own accord. Your arms have literally taken on […]

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