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What is your superpower?

I have a laser-sharp eye for detail and can spot an extra space, a bad bullet or the wrong corporate colour from a mile away. OK maybe not from a mile away but I do love well-formatted documents!

What is the biggest (positive) change you’ve made in your life?

Without a doubt, it’s moving to London from Paris and embracing the agency life.

What’s your most epic life moment?

In 2016 I went on a cruise in Antarctica which was the most amazing experience. To add to that and making the trip even more unforgettable I took the “polar plunge” in the Antarctic ocean, running into the freezing water just in a bikini. The most epic moment ever!


Senior Account Director

Publicis LifeBrands

Welcome to Publicis Resolute – the motherland of seriously imaginative med ed and PR. If you’re looking for our sister advertising agency, Publicis LifeBrands, please click here.