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What is your most epic life moment?

A couple of my highlights are pretty nerdy, including having the opportunity to handle medieval prints and making it to the top of Sigiriya. Not that the latter was a particularly strenuous hike, but the word ‘epic’ does not justify the views and history of the place (check out the Sigiriya lion foot!).

What is the biggest (positive) change you’ve made in your life?

To think positively and (where possible) stay calm! Sounds boring, but it really does makes a difference!

What’s the most ballsy move you’ve ever made?

I once spotted my dad’s favourite cricketer as he was heading to the bathroom at a sports event, and hovered outside until he emerged so that I could ask for signatures from him and his team (yes, I’m aware that this is very creepy). He was super nice though, and very gracious about it!


Senior Account Executive

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