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What’s the most ballsy move you’ve ever made?
Running after a guy who stole my purse on Holloway Road. He was a BIG guy and there was no cash in said purse. But if he thought he was getting his hands on my 22,000 Boots Advantage Card points, he had another thing coming. I managed to catch him and was safely reunited with my Advantage Card points.

What is the biggest (positive) change you’ve made in your life?
Buying my flat. OK, so it’s small, it’s in Zone 4 and still cost a fortune. But I no longer have to flat share. For this alone makes it truly worthwhile.

What is your super power?
I can condense any message to 140 characters or less. Preferably less. Who needs 280?!


Associate Director and Head of Social Media

Publicis LifeBrands

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