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304What’s the most ballsy move you’ve ever made?
Asking the bride and groom whether a guy from their wedding was single and whether they could put us in touch. He’s now my husband.

What is the biggest change you’ve made in your life?
Probably when I stopped trying to be ‘cool’; the joy of being in my 30s and lucky enough to have a family of my own to ground me.

What is your super power?
My sense of humour and ability to laugh at myself has got me through a lot of sticky situations.

What’s your secret weapon?
Being able to cut through the crap in record time. I call it ‘seeing the Matrix’ because I’m still secretly trying to be cool (and yes, I guess that means my earlier answer was a lie).

What’s your most epic life moment?
Self-funding and recording two albums in my late 20s.



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