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What’s the most ballsy move you’ve ever made?

I once blagged my way onto an active Royal Navy warship. Two armed guards were standing at the entrance to the pontoon and as I approached them they asked “Are you here for the party Sir?” Without blinking I answered that of course I was, and they dutifully lead me on board the ship and down into the officers mess, where I had the best night of my life! I even made friends with a few of the crew and got a private tour of the entire ship including off limits sections, like the torpedo bay. Pictures to prove it!

What is the biggest (positive) change you’ve made in your life?

Probably moving to London. I met a girl and wanted to be closer to her (how cliché, I know) so I made up an excuse to move here by enrolling in a Master’s course down here. That was the beginning of the rest of my life!

What is your super power?

I have super stretchy face skin. Yep you read that correctly. It’s like my party trick. We are all talented in our own way…


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