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Vic S

What’s the most ballsy move you’ve ever made?
I left an awards ceremony and gate-crashed another in the same hotel with a few friends; they had loads of uneaten cheese on cheeseboards, so when we were leaving, I thought the best thing to do would be to rescue some! I popped a wedge of cheese into my handbag and ate it in the taxi on the way home

What is your super power?
I have quite a strange memory. I can often be called upon to remember when we sent a client a certain set of budgets back in 2010, or to remember someone’s middle names, or birthdays… hence my occasional nickname of ‘Rainwoman’.

What’s your most epic life moment?
Aside from the cheese rescue above, which was pretty epic, I think there are two that I find it hard to choose between – one was being about 10 feet from a lioness on safari in South Africa and the other was standing at the top of the Aiguille Rouge, 3226m above sea level and looking down at the valley feeling on top of the world.

Vic S

Associate Director

Publicis LifeBrands

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