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Victoria W

What’s the most ballsy move you’ve ever made?
Taking a demotion to come to Resolute 9 years ago, as I wanted to learn about PR. Up to that point my career had been focused on medical education.

What is the biggest (positive) change you’ve made in your life?
Coming back to the UK at 30, leaving a good job and a life in Hong Kong with nothing to come back to (no job, nowhere to live etc.). I wanted to be closer to the people that matter to me. Best decision I ever made.

What is your super power?
The ability to wear heels at all times without any pain (this super power is waning as I age…).

What’s your secret weapon?

What’s your most epic life moment?
Having my son, Rufus. Changed everything about how I feel about life.

Victoria W

Managing Director

Publicis LifeBrands

Welcome to Publicis Resolute – the motherland of seriously imaginative med ed and PR. If you’re looking for our sister advertising agency, Publicis LifeBrands, please click here.